We can and will fund the needs of carefully selected partners to allow them to secure future proofed, fit for purpose properties, all fully furnished and equipped. 
We can also provide cash-flow breathing space if required. 

On completion you can buy or lease from us

We can also buy your existing property, provide all the above and then lease it back to you

We can buy any existing properties that you no longer need 



All properties are sourced to meet your geographical requirements, finished to your exact specifications and fully compliant with all safety standards.




We can assist everyone from the largest operators to suitably qualified individuals who wish to be operators and start or grow their own portfolios.



We can and will assist with matching and networking - bringing operators and associations together.



We can provide properties sourced to meet YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL REQUIREMENTS, finished to YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS and FULLY COMPLIANT WITH ALL SAFETY STANDARDS. All future proofed and energy efficient.



All furnishings, fixtures and fittings INCLUDED as required



Assistance in the form of LEASE-FREE PERIODS or DISCOUNTS

Re-purposing for the benefit of society

A unique future proofed solution designed for today’s significant challenges which have resulted from the last decade of market turmoil and financial upheaval. Targeting a significant increase in value by finding the best possible use and repurposing of existing unused or badly used property. This should not be confused with conventional property development or typical real estate propositions.


These  properties includes areas that need it the most and where it can benefit all society including the vulnerable members. Where practical we also adopt the latest in Green and Eco friendly technologies and build techniques, to help ensure that those properties are efficient to run and future proofed. 


Dramatic Care Shortage - the SAH checks and balances:


There is a  dramatic shortage of quality Care Facilities  throughout the UK which is very much in the public's psyche.  

SAH provide new build and repurposed future proofed properties to provision for Homeless Care, Assisted Care across most sectors and Elderly Care.

Equally there is a degree of sensitivity around provisioning the care sector due to the unfortunate bad practice of some. Conscious of this, SAH have taken significant steps to overcome this and deliver best practice to the sector.

SAH have invested in a detailed review of all 22000 care operators and after analysing a number key factors including CQC ratings, SAH devised a relevance score for each operator. Partnering with Experian's Smart Search and embedding the service within the SAH DD system SAH can instantly verify the financial stability and robustness of any partner operator.  

The combination of this insures that SAH only partner with the most suitable operators.


The above process involved several linked parties, SAH are typically presented with target postcodes from either a Care Operator and/or a Housing Association together with a specification of the required building. SAH source suitable properties, agree on a target, they are then purchased, refurbished to the agreed specification, which includes dramatically improving its energy rating and green foot print and, if required, also fitted and furnished.  The Housing Association on behalf of and in partnership with the Care Operator enters a long term full insuring and repairing lease with SAH.  


A similar process to the above has been adpoted with Council owned properties whereby SAH takes old stock from the Council, which can for example include redundant retail space on failing local high streets, which is ideal for housing for the likes of the disabled that require ground floor access. Regardless the property is modernised and future proofed including its energy footprint and then leased back to the Council on a long term full insuring and repairing lease.





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