“Profit through property regeneration”. Embedded protocols designed to mitigate risk and increase returns.


We considered the typical questions and concerns raised by those looking to invest in anything associated with property.  We then devised solutions  and a philosophy funnel to mitigate those concerns and risks and in turn maximise returns all delivered in the safest environment we could create.

This resulted in the creation of 7 key protocols.  We then took the further step of embedding each into our legal agreements.  The questions and protocols can be viewed below.


Many developers have suffered from over paying for property thus depleting the value of the balance sheet rather than immediately enhancing the value of the balance sheet by the purchase alone. Also, decreasing the saleability and ability to quickly cash out on the asset if required. Our solution is protocol number 1.


Real property must only be acquired below the market value for its intended use and a certificate issued by RICS shall be obtained as evidence that this protocol has been adhered to.
A significant number of property developers have failed by over extending themselves due to borrowing heavily from banks.  Who in turn then called those loans in forcing the sale of the properties /assets at a heavily discounted rate. Due, either to failure to meet loan repayments or a change in banking policy. Our solution is number 2.
All real property must be acquired for cash unencumbered so that there is no gearing (other than the Loan Notes and Bonds/ISA Bonds issued by the company) and no risk from loans being called in.
Property development projects that typically last for an extended period, typically over 12 months are subject to potential fluctuations within the market rates.  Thus, wiping out the profit margin for the business.  Especially as the whole portfolio would likely be caught up.  Our Solution is protocol number 3.
At the point of acquisition, no real property can be purchased where it is anticipated that the related project will last longer than 12 months with the target project length being 3 to 6 months. The purpose of this protocol is to avoid market fluctuations and protects the profit margins of the company.
Given the cost of money and the fact that many developers over reached by gearing, led to many properties being purchased purely for the sake of using the money with no attention paid to return on investment and protection of the investors returns and therefore in ability to offer a fixed assured return.  Our solution is protocol number 4.


At the point of acquisition, no project is permitted to start unless it can be demonstrated that such project is projected to make a profit of more than 2.1% per month on funds outlaid (i.e. a target return of 25% per annum).
Some developers have suffered due to the contractors that they had secured going bust. Thus, losing the funds paid over and in many cases additional payments having to be paid to a new contractor to rectify mistakes of the original contractor. There is also the cost of disruption and delays.  Thus, wiping out profit margins.  Our solution is protocol number 5.


No project can proceed until after a fixed price contract is in place with a contractor that works exclusively for the Safe as Houses group. The purpose of this protocol is to protect the funds of the company.
There is always concern that the owners / operators will take the profit out of the business leaving the business vulnerable and unable to pay fixed coupons or exposed to future market fluctuations.  Our solution is protocol number 6.
No project can be proceed unless all of the criteria have been met and approved using our '4-eyes Directors' Approval system. All of our protocols are independently overseen by regulated parties.


Eighty percent (80%) of all profits generated will be reinvested back into Safe as Houses Property Investment Guernsey Limited, and the process will be repeated for the duration of the bonds.

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